Biofires - The dancing flames

The flicker of dancing flames in an open fire will always have an alluring and mesmerizing appeal. Bio fires bring the warmth and sensual ambiance to any room without the hassle of a traditional fireplace.
Bioethanol fireplaces have gained popularity as a green alternative for heating a space with a modern, contemporary and luxurious appeal. All free standing and table models are portable. This is convenient as they may be moved to whatever area needs warmth. Gone are the days of sitting around one fireplace which only warms one room – the fireplace comes to you wherever you need it.

Bio fires burn on biofuel, so there are no installation costs of flue lines, chimneys or electricity cables.

Unlike burning wood, the ethanol does not emit any dangerous fumes, it burns totally clean that the only emissions are carbon dioxide and water vapour. It is safe to sleep in a room where a biofire is burning- following the normal safety rules for any fire by keeping the room ventilated.

One of the greatest benefits of a bioethanol fireplace is the NO hassle factor. NO carting of wood, NO ash and NO cleaning. A maintenance free fireplace! A dream come true.

As bio fire is a focal point in any room – adding to the aesthetic appeal. Bio fires are portable. The bio fire is not a fixed fixture so may be taken along should you move house.

As the biofires do not use any chimneys/vents or flues, the heat radiated is retained in a room, ensuring a cosy warmth. Bio fires heat a room up to 30m2. Multiple burners will heat a larger area.